Revolutionizing Documentation with Skellig Software Tools

Our comprehensive suite of automation software tools streamlines the documentation process by extracting relevant data into organized and meaningful structures. Incoherent data can create significant challenges in project execution, but with the appropriate tools and techniques, organizations can derive valuable insights from the data to guide informed decisions.

Data Extraction

Utilizing advanced data extraction techniques, we can draw essential information from otherwise obscure sources, reducing the need for manual recording of pertinent data and saving project teams countless hours. Our software suite enables project teams to minimize documentation time, enhance accuracy, and focus on project execution.

Our FHX Data Extraction tool is particularly useful for documenting DeltaV data in Kneat, Word, or Excel. It can also be employed for finding parameter references in sequences and performing verification of sequence data.

FHX Data Extraction saves time documenting changes in class and recipe DS documents. No matter the number of changes, just re-run the tool and copy/paste the tables.
Not only does the tool save time in developing documentation, it also eliminates data errors found in DS documents.

Document Delta data in Kneat, Word, or Excel. Having all Delta data available in Excel allows users to easily copy data into Kneat tables!
Find parameter references in sequences – export an EM and perform a Find All on the valve setpoint parameter.

The Format File Builder, Simulation Builder, and FHX Trimmer tools enable the efficient parsing and customization of DeltaV export files, facilitating bulk editing, simulation module building, and selective object extraction.

Lastly, the DeltaV Live Data Extractor and DeltaV Document Tool facilitate the extraction and insertion of various data types into spreadsheets and word-formatted tables, further simplifying the documentation process.