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white papers

Our clients rely on the wide variety of expertise Skellig engineers bring to their businesses. By breaking down silos and sharing knowledge in our white papers, Skellig Automation aims to push the limits of the Life Sciences industry and advance what’s possible.

Who We Are

Off the coast of Ireland, the mythical Skellig Islands stand tall amidst the churning North Atlantic. Our founder drew childhood inspiration from their steadfast nature and, in 2010, founded Skellig Automation in Danville, PA with them in mind. Skellig Automation strives to break the boundaries of the Life Sciences industry and provide solid ground for great engineers to do great work.

What we do

Skellig Automation partners with our clients to provide comprehensive engineering services throughout the project lifecycle. We combine foundational expertise in process automation with total transparency—that means no surprises for our clients and our engineers. From automation support to project management, we implement modern solutions that last within the Life Sciences industry’s fast-evolving landscape.

Our team

To enable our people to create and innovate in the way our industry needs, we hold our people-focused and compassionate culture to an incredibly high standard. Only through honesty, transparency, and kindness can we partner and collaborate with the best talent in the industry.



Attracting top talent—and premier clients—necessitates a culture that rewards problem-solving, teamwork, and service excellence. Skellig was founded on the principles of ‘more human’ engineering. We strive to foster a culture of innovation, diversity, and truly great work by truly great people.