Paul O’Sullivan


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As CEO and founder of Skellig it is my great privilege to have this job and get the opportunity to take care of engineers and hopefully help them have more fulfilling careers. Skellig was founded around the idea of reverse engineering an approach that put the engineer first. Most of the challenges I saw on projects and clients seemed to have a heavy human component. Great engineers struggling to get things done. For me, Skellig is a fun experiment in company culture and how to approach engineering problems as a company by remembering that as a company we don’t solve problems, our engineers do. Our job in leadership is to support them. 

Prior to joining Skellig, I worked as an automation engineer in life sciences for Zenith Technologies. I learned a lot and benefited from great colleagues.  

I have two young kids and they dominate my free time. It’s great to be a dad and watch them growing up!

I have a lot of gratitude for my job; the day everyone stops showing up to work for Skellig is the day I no longer have this job.  I don’t take that responsibility lightly. I hope I get to work at Skellig building engineering teams for the rest of my life. Be human and solve problems, it’s the best!

Fun Fact:  

It’s all centered around my wife and kids these days. My kids have no idea what I do for work but they wish I was a YouTube star like Mr Beast instead of whatever it is I do.