Skellig Culture

We want to give great ideas the chance to rise to the top, and when they do, we implement them. We empower our people to take responsibility for their own career paths and development. Our unique approach comes with high expectations on both sides: we expect great work, and our people expect a great place to work. We only hire those rare individuals who seek to make a meaningful contribution to the industry and develop with their peers.

The Skellig Way

Working to A Higher Standard

1. Support and encourage your peers.

2. Be generous.

3. Share information openly with your team.

4. Assume that people have good intentions.

5. Be honest.

6. Be kind.

7. Be transparent (but not hurtful).

Our Vision

Skellig was founded in 2010 to experiment with the optimization of teams in the Life Sciences industry. We believe that clients should be able to trust their systems integrator as a partner, not just a vendor. True partnership demands we build clearer plans and be more transparent and open with both our engineers and clients.

Skellig clients experience a level of transparency and partnership that has not been seen in the industry until now. We partner best with our clients by focusing first on being a place where great engineers can do great work. We’ve built our business around solving for engineers. That means our primary focus is our culture, where engineers find fulfillment in the work they do and take part in opportunities that suit their goals, surrounded by great teammates. Many companies claim that their workplace is like a family, but at Skellig, our culture revolves around being a great team. We take care of our engineers and in return, we expect their best every day.

As we grow, we continue to tell the truth, share information, and be a facilitator of the best ideas around specific engineering challenges in Life Sciences. We continuously focus on mastering the basics and hold each other accountable and find joy in executing well. If you work with us, you can expect to find that honesty, transparency and empathy are our core values.

The Future of Life Sciences

Skellig’s commitment to revolutionizing our industry has attracted a diverse team of engineers who find inspiration in improving global health outcomes and the ideals we serve in Life Sciences.

During our journey, we’ve learned that the future of Operational Technology must leverage open technologies. Data silos must be eliminated. The most important differentiator of future success is coupling disruptive leadership with a learning mindset. Life Sciences manufacturers need to view themselves as data companies. They need to demand easier access to their own data from the products they use.

The future is bright for those with a learning mindset; the fourth industrial revolution has started, and it’s changing everything.