Skellig’s long-term growth is focused on developing the capacity to solve larger, more complex automation challenges for the industries we serve and to positively impact global health outcomes.

We believe that the greater the challenge, the more we must inspire our engineers to do their very best work. Inspirational challenges attract and motivate the best people. This focus has been a key driver of success in our ability to build and retain a world-class team.

We are committed to reducing the cost and complexity of manufacturing. This will enable us to produce the highest quality product, at scale, and extremely fast. Our team is presently exploring innovative and exciting approaches towards this end.

Working on an answer to a potentially devastating, worldwide challenge.

At present, the global community is poorly prepared for the next widespread pandemic. Today’s automation and process engineering practices are ill-equipped to meet the demands imposed by this devastating reality.

This must be addressed. It’s impossible to overstate the impact that solving this challenge would have on a worldwide scale. It is critical that a response be mounted before the anticipated worst-case scenario unfolds. Skellig is passionately driven to do everything we can.

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