Design Lab

As an engineering company, we believe we have a responsibility to do our part to build a better future. This has inspired Skellig to cultivate an environment where people can creatively design and develop innovative approaches and prototypes.

We call it the Design Lab – an experimental R&D hub working collaboratively with strategic industry partners to ideate solutions for the challenges our industries currently face.

We reward out of the box thinking that challenges the status quo. A crazy idea today could be the life saving solution of tomorrow.

Here’s are a few projects currently in development:
VR Training

Virtual Reality training can provide significant cost efficiencies for your compliance and development programs. Click to view demo.

COVID-19 Emergency
Manufacturing Response

The escalating pandemic requires a rapid and collaborative industry response. We’ve outlined the steps and are mounting a call to action. Get involved. Click to read now.

Skellig Contract

Now is the time. We have our sights set on bringing Skellig’s first inde-pendent contract manufacturing facility online in 2024.

Are you a creative problem solver with the next great idea?
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