Every company has a culture, whether intentionally or not.

That’s why Skellig has worked hard to foster a culture that promotes inclusion, diversity and great work. A culture that rewards problem solving, teamwork and service excellence.
A culture that attracts the best people and the best clients.
A culture of honesty, transparency and kindness.

Skellig’s culture isn’t about snazzy phrases.

Our culture permeates the whole organization. It’s in the standards we set. It’s how we conduct ourselves as a collective. It’s not everything to all people. It’s just us. It’s who we are. Our core.

From its inception, Skellig has strived to be ‘more human’.
In other words, a people-focused and compassionate company. As such, we’ve very deliberately crafted an amazing culture for engineers to work in and share ideas. We want the best ideas to rise to the top. And when they do, we implement them.

Our belief is that by inspiring our people to exceed their expectations, they’ll be empowered to exceed our client’s expectations.

Skellig people are encouraged to take responsibility and make decisions. Decisions that are in the best interest of the client, their colleagues, the company and themselves. That’s why we only hire those rare individuals, who want to contribute meaningfully to the industry and to those around them.

Skellig’s leadership is accountable for stewarding this culture. Our people are responsible for acting and working in alignment with it.

This includes:

  1. Supporting and encouraging the people around you.
  2. Being generous. 
  3. Sharing information openly with the members of your team. 
  4. Assuming that people are good.
  5. Being honest.
  6. Being kind.
  7. Being transparent (but not hurtful).

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