Specialist providers of pharmaceutical automation, process and project controls.

Skellig Automation took root in Danville, PA, nearly a decade ago. We have since grown into a world-class service provider with 30+ team members in 13 cities across four countries.

Skellig was founded to radically improve upon the way automation, process, and project controls are provided. It’s a goal that is grounded in efficiency, transparency, and our client’s total peace of mind — this is the vision behind everything we do.

We are proud to collaborate with the world’s most respected pharma and biotech companies. Skellig’s vision of radical improvement has attracted diverse and outstanding engineers, who are similarly inspired to improve the industry we serve.

By exceeding our engineers expectations, we empower them to exceed our client's expectations.


From its inception, Skellig has strived to be ‘more human.’ We work hard to foster a culture that promotes innovation, diversity, and great work. A culture that rewards problem solving, teamwork, and service excellence. And one that attracts the top talent and premier clients. 

Ours is a culture of honesty, transparency, and kindness — A people-focused and compassionate company. 

As such, we’ve very deliberately crafted an environment and organization that promotes collaboration. We want great ideas to rise to the top. And when they do, we implement them.

At Skellig, you are encouraged to take responsibility and are empowered to make decisions. Our approach is unique and our expectations are high. That is why we only hire those rare individuals who seek to contribute meaningfully to the improvement of the industry and the development of their peers. 

The Skellig Way – Working to A Higher Standard

  1. Support and encourage your peers.
  2. Be generous.
  3. Share information openly with the members of your team. 
  4. Assume that people are good.
  5. Be honest.
  6. Be kind.
  7. Be transparent (but not hurtful).

Are you up to the challenge of working to a higher standard?

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