Skunk Works

As an engineering company, we believe we have a responsibility to do our part to engineer a better future.

This has inspired Skellig to invest in a space, where people can creatively develop prototypes. We call it our Skunk Works. It’s named in homage to the team at Lockheed Martin, who coined the term as a pseudonym for their Advanced Development Programs.

Here’s a Skunk Works project we’re really excited about.

Simplifying control system design and management

We’re currently developing a solution, which will shift control system design, so that it’s leveraged to fully benefit the client.
This means minimizing the cost of control system projects, whilst maximizing design quality.

Here’s how this works.

The software features a user-friendly interface with familiar drag and drop mechanics. This is coupled with scalable graphics and plain English descriptors. As the focus is heavily on interaction, the software provides a design process that’s highly intuitive for the user.

It will also open-up a level of transparency on the design process, which isn’t currently available. The application will make change simple. This is important, because it avoids those, expensive change orders on fixed-fee projects. Design metrics will also be provided.

Here’s why this matters.

The client will be able to see the true cost of control system design. And in doing so, they can easily identify opportunities for cost reduction.

In short, the more projects executed using the system, the greater the potential to reduce the cost of each subsequent project. All this, whilst simultaneously improving quality!

Engineers who enjoy being involved, at any level, in exciting projects like this, find a natural home at Skellig. If you’re an engineer and this sounds interesting, we’d love to hear from you.

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