Purnendu Saptarshi – Automation Engineer

1. How did you find Skellig?

With the great tradition of Skellig, I was referred by my colleague from previous company (Emerson) while I was hunting for a full-time opportunity. Paul offered the job as we were growing back then and my Skellig journey started.

2. What do you think makes a good engineering team?

Proactive participants constitute a great team in my opinion. Recognizing that we are all human beings and susceptible to flaws/limitations, the main aim of the team should be to complement each other to fill the gaps in.

3. What do you find meaningful about your work?

My work closely aligns with my chosen stream of education (Instrumentation and control systems). Along with that the day-to-day work produces meaningful impact in lives of hundreds/thousands of patients, who benefit from the end products that we contribute in making. That’s the crux for finding satissfaction in the work we do and it makes it that much more enjoyable.

4. What keeps you at Skellig?

First and foremost, open culture plays a huge portion in my continued association with Skellig. Along with that, the peace of mind the company offers, with regards to immigration benefits, makes it that much more satisfying. Observing other companies and how they usually treat immigrant population, specially of the Asian/Indian background, we at Skellig truly consider everyone equal and always go above and beyond on expectations around continued support to our employees with the difficulties. “Skellig truly cares about the people.”