Embracing Lab Digitization for Enhanced Efficiency

Digitizing  laboratory equipment

At Skellig, we recognize the immense competitive advantage gained by digitizing laboratory equipment and workflows over traditional pen-and-paper. To enable the digital transformation, Skellig provides a transparent, vendor-neutral solution with open architecture to facilitate seamless integration between your lab equipment and preferred digital systems. As opposed to the typical approach of centralizing lab equipment on a Laboratory Information Management Software or Electronic Lab Notebook (LIMS and ELN respectively), we centralize on a platform capable of streaming data to any software available.

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Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation approach is based on the Unified Namespace and provides benefits such as enhanced data integrity, streamlined and simplified workflows, real-time monitoring, and analytics for the processes. This results in improved collaboration and data sharing within cross functional teams, leading to overall better decision making.

Our team of engineers collaborate closely with you to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current equipment connectivity, pinpoint gaps or challenges, devise a tailored roadmap and timeline, and ensure a smooth integration process. We provide a solution that offers the ability to access, collect, store, and utilize the equipment data across various digital platforms. With a scalable approach, the need for repetitive point-to-point integrations is reduced, delivering faster time to value.

Skellig is prepared to maintain the provided solution throughout its lifecycle, ensuring continued performance of the solution.