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Emotional Intelligence

Warren Buffett the multi billionaire investor says he looks for 3 things when hiring.  These are integrity, intelligence, and energy. “Somebody once said that in looking

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Henry Ford on Experts

Skellig founder Paul O’Sullivan talks about ‘experts’, real and apparent, and how it’s a rabbit hole that we should prevent falling into.

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The Speed of Implementation

Skellig founder Paul O’Sullivan talks about how the speed of implementing one’s ideas needs to be faster because the window of opportunity is getting tighter.

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On Human Ingenuity

Skellig founder Paul O’Sullivan talks about human ingenuity in improving resource use and its lessons for engineers.

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Jack White and Struggles

I watched an interesting music documentary a few years ago, called It Might Get Loud. The documentary features three great guitar players including Jack White.

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More on Lillian Gilbreth

Lillian Gilbreth is one of the most prolific women engineers in history. We have profiled Ms Gilbreth earlier on the Skellig blog. Some of her

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