I have the honor of being Director of Human Resources at Skellig, a company that has fostered my growth and experience in HR. I am responsible for overseeing and managing all HR department operations. There is a continual goal to strive to ensure Skellig is a company that cares intuitively for its employees through its communication, procedures, and business processes – all in effort for our employees to confidently work at their best while feeling supported in all aspects by their company.  

I’ve untraditionally, but actually pretty organically, shifted career paths from education to HR. While working in education, I was introduced to Skellig, interviewed, and made the career switch based on going with my gut. My first position at Skellig was Engineering Associate, working at an entry level position supporting a client team of engineers, allowing me to understand the basics of what our engineers do. I then shifted into HR while Skellig was young with under 30 employees, wanting to help shape and build Skellig.  

My position handles situations and data that require sensitivity and discretion and support for the ebbs and flows of employees professional and personal lives. I hold these responsibilities with importance and great care.  

When not working, I’m enjoying my new suburban environment in VA after city life in Boston for several years. I’m often beside my rescue pup at the dog park, walking trails, or cuddled up. Otherwise I’m begrudgingly going to the gym, collecting one too many houseplants, seeking out the next best restaurant, or traveling to PA to visit family.  

Fun Fact:

I’ve officiated two friends’ weddings, despite their knowledge of my fear of public speaking.