As Director of Strategy, I am responsible for understanding our business end-to-end, guiding our organizational and growth strategies, and enabling data-driven decisions. I enjoy bringing structure, strategic thinking, and efficiency to an organization. I like to take ideas and break them down into actionable steps and outcomes. 

Being an organization that is both data-driven and people-centric is not mutually exclusive, but in fact complementary. Data is more than metrics and KPI’s. It is also about capturing feedback, engagement, measuring employee satisfaction, and understanding personnel needs and wants. Happy and successful people are in the right roles, doing work they enjoy, and growing in their careers. The decisions we make should be in service of our employees and facilitate happy and balanced individuals. With that, my goal is to ensure a healthy business but equally, healthy people, and to use data for context and not control.

Prior to my current role, I worked as a process/automation engineer in pharmaceuticals and biotech, both state-side and abroad – experiences which I feel have given me the foundation to be a well-rounded leader.

Outside of work I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible! I’ve chosen to make southern California my home due to easy access to the beach for body surfing, the mountains for hiking, and the desert for stargazing in complete silence. In addition, I also enjoy strength training, travel, and more creative pursuits such as writing and piano. 

Fun Fact: 

I’ve gone storm chasing in tornado alley (yes, by choice!) and have a deep passion for meteorology and severe weather.