James Wilde – Senior Automation Engineer


1. How did you find Skellig?

I found Skellig at the end of a rainbow via a LinkedIn job posting when looking for DeltaV Jobs.

2. What do you think makes a good engineering team?

This is largely debatable and dependent on the company culture, but I feel that a good engineering team is one without pretenses where everyone feels safe and can ask any questions without feeling insecure about others’ judgements/perceptions. We have enough challenge with technical scope we don’t need to navigate emotions everyday as well. With that said, if everyone takes responsibility and tries to help one another without the “not my job” or “only do what I am assigned” attitude there seems to be very few misses and everyone has a good time.

Having a leader on the team that tries to build out the teams’ skills is also important. Having trust in the team and giving opportunities to those who haven’t done specific work before is important for feeling fulfilled and rewarded. I really like the approach of ask if they would like to do a certain task and then pair them up with a senior resource to guide them. This makes everyone feel like they are growing and keeps it fresh.

3. What do you find meaningful about your work?

It may be simply an attitude but pretty much everything. I love taking customer requests from start to finish. New technology to play with regularly. Working with great people and interacting with them. Adding value wherever I can, no matter the topic. There is very little that I don’t enjoy here at Skellig, perhaps documentation is lower on the totem pole.

4. What keeps you at Skellig?

The people at Skellig, the trust and responsibility given, the company attitude and acceptance towards change, management listens to new ideas and ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTS THEM! (Haven’t found a stick in the mud yet) Work life balance and freedom of schedule and you know…. Money