James Amato – Accounting Manager

1. How did you find Skellig?

Linkedin, I was looking for a small business with the same core values that I wanted not only at work but allowed me to be happy outside of work by not needing to be available or on call 15-18hrs a day yet still challenging me professionally in growing skills I have and gaining new skills.

2. What do you think makes a good engineering team?

The qualities I value in the teams I work with are the openness in communication, as well as everyone’s willingness to adopt change or listen to each other for the betterment of the organization. Everyone at Skellig is happy to help other teams in order to create and continue with the culture internally and even though I have only been here a short time, I have already felt the culture and how people truly care about one another as a person and not just as a coworker or a number in the organization.

3. What do you find meaningful about your work?

The ability to impact the company in a positive way while doing what we can as a finance organization to also ensure stability for the long term for the company. Without the engineers we wouldn’t have this ability but without profitability and stability we wouldn’t be able to pull in top talent to continue to grow and be successful.

4. What keeps you at Skellig?

Not only all of the above, but the fact it is the first of the companies I have been at that treat every employee like a human and not a number. Skellig, from the owners down to the individual contributors, not only say that they put employees first but they follow through on it and you see it from day 1 of joining. If you have a personal appointment or meeting, not a problem, if you are not showing active on teams because you are reading a contract that you chose to print out or researching something or reading something for research you don’t feel like you have to be “showing” available, you are treated as an adult and you get your work done as it works with the company schedule but also your life. The feeling to truly be at a company that values the individuals and the valuable time they put in vs punching a clock saying I was available 9-5 today makes a huge difference and in my opinion drives more hard work and productivity as well as typically longer days but also more beneficial and happier days from an employee view.