Emily NordmeyerMES Solution Architect & Senior MES Engineer

1. How did you find Skellig?

A recruiter contacted me, which I found surprising since Skellig did not have a MES presence at the time. The opportunity to play an active role in the MES road map at Skellig, expand my knowledge on MES platforms, and return to technical engineering was a challenge I could not pass up. 

2. What do you think makes a good engineering team?

A good engineering team comes not from individual/collective technical talent, but from the team’s interpersonal skills and ability to foster an environment of collaboration, empowerment, and open communication. A great engineering team will encourage and provide space for diverse thinking and the opportunity to challenge “the way things have been done before.” I also believe it is critical for a team to dedicate time and effort to recognizing and celebrating wins, as well as actively learning and improving. 

I am a firm believer that there is something to learn from every individual and that all voices are to be valued. Keeping this mentality as a core value of a team plays a critical role in turning a good engineering team into a great engineering team.

3. What do you find meaningful about your work?

 Fortunately, my career aspirations and passions could already be found within the work and projects I implement. That said, the greatest aspect of my work is the impact I make on others’ lives. My work has influenced sectors ranging from the covid-19 pandemic response to personalized medicine that improves the quality of life for terminally ill patients.

In my daily work, I enjoy that I feel challenged and that there is always more to learn. I appreciate that MES, although automation, has a human centric aspect. I get to work with the individuals producing lifesaving medications and create a space for them to advocate for themselves and provide ways to improve life science processes. 

4. What keeps you at Skellig?

The people and the unique culture of Skellig! I am valued as a person first rather than just an employee or a resource on a project. I have the freedom to explore my interests and dedicate time and energy to my multiple career passions: developing and broadening my technical skillset, developing MES methodologies, and MES growth.