Make Biotech Factories “Off-the-Shelf” Products

Making the case for a new facility to manufacture a pharmaceutical or biological product is a tough process. The new facility will be built as part of an arduous capital project. This is a messy process, to say the least. As automation engineers, we see a highly fragmented set of suppliers from instrumentation, electrical components, field bus …

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Automation Code Libraries

The paradigm of using a library for automation code has led to a marked improvement in outcomes. It’s also made it easier for engineers to deploy new facilities by helping eliminate most of the debate on physical layer items. These include control modules including graphic elements, and shell equipment modules. There are natural limitations to using libraries …

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How Did I Become a Consultant? I Went to Engineering School

When you start out in engineering consulting it’s exciting. You jump from project to project, site to site, and you work on the big activity on that site at that time. It’s a great experience. As an automation engineer, it is a profound experience to code something in the office and have it go through testing and eventually …

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