Long Term

Skellig’s long term growth will come from being worthy of solving bigger challenges. That’s where the most meaningful progress is. It’s where the biggest gains can be made; both in our industry, but more importantly, across humanity.

We believe that the greater the challenge we focus on, the more we inspire our engineers to do their very best work. Inspirational challenges also attract the best people. This has been a key reason, why we’ve been able to build and retain such an outstanding team.

Working on an answer to a potentially devastating, worldwide challenge.

Currently, humanity is poorly prepared for the next widespread pandemic. Today’s automation and process engineering practices are ill-equipped to deal with this devastating scenario.

This must be addressed. More than this, it’s critical we take up the challenge to solve this now. Before the worst-case scenario occurs. Skellig is passionately driven to do everything we can.

We’re committed to reducing the cost and complexity of manufacturing. This will make it possible to produce the highest quality product, in massive numbers, extremely fast. And exciting ideas are already being rigorously explored by our team.

It’s impossible to overstate the impact that solving this challenge would have, on a worldwide scale.

A better future for pharmaceutical and
biotech manufacturing.

Another area we’re excited about, is the development of ultra-efficient running facilities, for our pharmaceutical and biotech clients. But it doesn’t stop there.

We’re using Skellig’s combined technical assets, to develop a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This facility will be able to deliver premium quality manufacturing, at a mere fraction of the usual cost. Delivering on our vision would disrupt the status quo. And we hope, inspire other providers in our industry to make similar improvements. We’re looking at a mid 2020’s timeframe.

Future challenges require future thinking.

Clearly, goals like these can’t be achieved, without taking a step back and embracing a fresh approach. It’s exciting.

And it brings an additional benefit.

By stepping-up to the challenges of tomorrow, our engineers are able to take a far more critical look, at why we do what we do, currently.

This means the advanced thinking required for our future objectives, is directly helping us to deliver a better service to our clients, today. Even further ahead?

Looking further down the road, and beyond life sciences, we’re setting our sights on space. It seems that over the next decade or so, access to space will become more affordable. As costs come down, it will open up a new wave of possibility for humanity. And numerous, exciting engineering opportunities.

Of course, we are just thinking about space at this point. Our focus will stay in life sciences, well into the foreseeable future.

Here’s to a better tomorrow. For everyone.